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This blog features reflections on growing older.  

May the blog serve all those now drawing closer to their inevitable end of life. (While dying is certain, its timing remains uncertain.) 

All backgrounds and faith traditions are equally honored on the blog. Nonetheless, the website inevitably reflects my background: Originally coming from a Christian background, and studying theology, I have later extensively studied Buddhism (from 2012 onward). Recently I have also been exploring the spiritual richness of Indian spirituality (particularly Hinduism [Vedanta]). So, there is a leaning toward the Buddhist faith tradition reflected in the blog site.

blog was begun to be created during my 70th birthday weekend (November 1-4, 2019) as a gift to all others now growing older.

In some ways, for me the 70th birthday is a special milestone.

First, I am finding that I have a far more sober view of life. There simply is not that much time left in my life, compared to the 70 years that have passed.

Second, I am finding that I no longer have the same energy levels that I had in my forties and fifties, as well as during the early years of my sixties.

Now, therefore, I must surely focus on what will be of lasting value in life.

Interestingly, I happened to read the following quote during my 70th birthday weekend . . .

"Wasting time investing your life in purposes that 'you cannot take with you' becomes ludicrous, and, when you radically shift your priorities, you feel a profound relief at unburdening yourself of a weight of worry over inconsequential things." (Thurman, Robert A. F., translator. The Tibetan Book of the Dead. New York: Bantam Books, 1994, p. 60.)

These words by Robert Thurman fittingly spoke to my heart during this time.

Again, in closing, my heartfelt purpose for this blog is to share reflections and insights in relation to growing older. 

May these reflections encourage and inspire others who are on the same journey – who are also slowly, but surely, nearing the end of life.

Alexander Peck (November 4, 2019)

Reflecting on growing older in the
silence, stillness, and solitude 
by the sea.
(Alexander Peck)